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Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 1972

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  1. Introductory Text


    1. 1.District councils.

    2. 2.Boroughs.


    1. Councillors

      1. 3.Qualifications.

      2. 4.Disqualifications.

      3. 5.Disqualifications to become inapplicable in certain cases.

      4. 6.Penalties for acting while disqualified.

      5. 7.Declaration on acceptance of office.

      6. 7A.Northern Ireland code of local government conduct.

      7. 8.Resignation.

      8. 9.Vacation of office on account of non-attendance.

      9. 10.Declaration of vacancy in office in certain cases.

    2. Chairman and vice-chairman

      1. 11.Chairman.

      2. 12.Payment of allowance to chairman.

      3. 12A.Election of chairman.

      4. 13.Vice-chairman.

      5. 14.Declaration of acceptance of office.

      6. 15.Resignation.

      7. 16.Vacation of office on account of absence from district.

      8. 17.Casual vacancy in office of chairman.

    3. Committees

      1. 18.Power to appoint committees and sub-committees.

      2. 19.Joint committees.

      3. 19A.Voting rights of members of committees, sub-committees and joint committees.

      4. 20.Expenses of joint committees.

      5. 21.Disqualification for membership of committees.

    4. Procedure of council and committees

      1. 22.Meetings and proceedings.

    5. Admission to meetings

      1. 23.Admission of public to meetings.

      2. 24.Information to be given as to meetings.

      3. 25.Facilities for newspaper representatives.

      4. 26.Certain publications to be privileged.

      5. 27.Savings.

    6. Pecuniary interests

      1. 28.Disclosure of councillors' pecuniary interests and disability from voting on account thereof.

      2. 29.Restrictions on application of section 28.

      3. 30.Relatives of councillors.

      4. 31.Recovery of wrongful gains and remedies against councillor guilty of reprehensible conduct.

      5. 32.Ancillary powers of the High Court in exercising jurisdiction under section 31.

      6. 33.Time limit for proceedings under sections 28, 30 and 31.

    7. General provisions as to councillors, chairman, vice-chairman and members of committees, etc.

      1. 34.Re-election.

      2. 35.Validity of acts done by unqualified person.

      3. 36.Payments to councillors.

      4. 37.Expenses of official and courtesy visits, etc.

      5. 38.Expenses incurred in attending conferences and meetings.

      6. 39.Insurance against accidents to councillors.


    1. 40.The Staff Commission.

    2. 41.Appointment and qualification of officers.

    3. [41A.Appointment of Officers by the Executive.

    4. 41B.Loans to officers for purchase of motor cars or motor cycles.

    5. 42.Councillors not to be appointed officers.

    6. S.43 rep. by 1973 NI 10

    7. 44.Retirement of officers.

    8. 45.Insurance against default of officers.

    9. 46.Duty of officers to disclose pecuniary interest.

    10. 47.Prohibition of acceptance of unauthorised fee or reward.

    11. 47A.Delegation of functions to officers.

    12. 48.Protection for officer acting in execution of duty.

    13. 49.Officers of joint committee.


    1. 50.Local government boundaries

    2. 51.Change of name of district.

    3. 52.Supplemental provisions as to alterations of boundaries or names.


    1. Annual budget and financial arrangements

      1. 53.Annual budget.

      2. 54.Arrangements for handling receipts and payments.

    2. Funds

      1. 55.The district fund.

      2. 56.Power to establish capital fund and renewal and repairs fund.

      3. 57.Capital fund.

      4. 58.Renewal and repairs fund.

      5. 59.Proceeds of sale of capital assets.

      6. 60.Limitation on application of funds.

    3. Borrowing

      1. 61.Purposes for which money may be borrowed.

      2. 62.Modes of borrowing.

      3. 63.Security for borrowing.

      4. 64.Priority of securities.

      5. 65.Repayment of money borrowed.

      6. 66.Power to suspend annual provision for repayment of, and to borrow for payment of interest on, certain borrowed money.

      7. 67.Application of unexpended portion of borrowed money.

      8. 68.Power to re-borrow.

      9. 69.Lenders relieved from certain inquiries.

      10. 70.Securities regulations.

      11. 71.Appointment of receiver.

      12. 72.Consolidated loans fund.

      13. 73.Use of money forming part of capital fund or renewal and repairs fund.

    4. Local government auditors

      1. 74.Local government auditors.

      2. 75.Audit Fees

    5. Audit

      1. 76.Audit of accounts of councils.

      2. 77.Duties of officers as to audit.

      3. 77A.Confidentiality of officers' records.

      4. 78.Production of, and declaration as to, documents.

      5. 79.Right to objection.

      6. 80.Auditor's report.

    6. Surcharge, etc.

      1. 81.Declaration that item of account is unlawful.

      2. 82.Recovery of amount not accounted for, etc.

      3. 82A.Power of auditor to issue prohibition order.

      4. 82B.Effect of and appeals against prohibition orders.

      5. 82C.Supplementary provisions as to prohibition orders.

      6. 82D.Power of auditor to apply for judicial review.

    7. Functions of Ministry as to accounts and audit

      1. 87.Regulations as to accounts and audit.

      2. 88.Extraordinary audits and inspections.

      3. S.89 rep. by 1992 NI 6

    8. Studies for improving economy, etc. of services

      1. 89A.Studies for improving economy, etc. of services.


    1. 90.Bye-laws.

    2. 91.Procedure, etc., for making bye-laws.

    3. 92.Penalties for contravention of bye-laws.

    4. 93.Enforcement of bye-laws.

    5. 94.Evidence of bye-laws.


    1. Land

      1. 95.Provisions of offices, halls, etc.

      2. 96.Acquisition, etc., of land.

      3. 97.Acquisition of land otherwise than by agreement.

      4. 98.Power to enter on land.

    2. Contracts

      1. 99.Contracts of councils.

      2. 100.Sealing of contracts

    3. Local and personal Bills

      1. 101.Power to promote or oppose local or personal Bills.

      2. 102.Sanction of council to promotion of, or opposition to, Bills.

      3. 103.Taxation of costs.

    4. Co-operation with other councils, public bodies and government departments

      1. 104.Agency arrangements

      2. 105.Arrangements for the supply of goods and services or interchange of staff.

      3. 106.Contribution to other councils, etc.

    5. Co-operation with voluntary bodies, etc.

      1. 107.Contributions for development of trade, tourism and cultural activities.

      2. 108.Contributions to other voluntary bodies.

    6. Advice and information

      1. 109.Instruction, lectures, etc., on questions relating to the functions of councils.

      2. 110.Information centres.

    7. Other miscellaneous functions

      1. 111.Subscriptions.

      2. 112.Insurance.

      3. 113.Exercise of certain functions outside district.

      4. 113A.Power to provide advice and assistance.

      5. 114.Acceptance of gifts.

      6. 115.Expenditure for special purposes.

    8. Publicity

      1. 115A.Publicity Prohibition of political publicity.

      2. 115B.Codes of recommended practice as regards publicity.

      3. 115C.Separate account of expenditure on publicity.

      4. 115D.Sections 115A to 115C: supplementary provisions.


    1. Legal proceedings

      1. 116.Power to prosecute or defend.

      2. 117.Appearance in legal proceedings.

      3. 118.Name of council need not be proved.

      4. 119.Evidence of resolutions, etc.

    2. Administrative provisions

      1. 120.The seal.

      2. 121.Inspection of documents.

      3. 122.Public notices.

      4. 123.Penalty for destroying notices.

      5. 124.Authentication of documents.

      6. 125.Custody of records.

      7. 126.Compensation for damage by council.

    3. Supervision of councils

      1. 127.Information, reports and returns.

      2. 128.Inquiries and investigations.

      3. 129.Default of council.

    4. Jurisdiction of High Court

      1. 130.Exercise of jurisdiction of High Court.


    1. 131.Abolition of existing local government areas and dissolution of existing local authorities, with certain exceptions.

    2. 132.Charters

    3. 133.Transfer of functions.

    4. 134.Supplementary and transitional provisions.

    5. 135.Transfer of officers

    6. 136.Superannuation officers.

    7. 137.Compensation of officers

    8. S.138 rep. by 1985 NI 15

    9. S.139 rep. by SLR 1980

    10. 140.Bye-laws, etc.

    11. S.141 rep. by 1985 NI 15


    1. 142.Application of Act to joint committees.

    2. 143.Orders and regulations.

    3. S.144 rep. by SLR 1980

    4. 145.Payments due by councils to government departments, etc.

    5. 146.Interpretation: pecuniary interests.

    6. 147.Interpretation: “provide” and “maintain”.

    7. 148.General interpretation.

    8. 149.Amendments, repeals and savings.

    9. 150.Short title and commencement.


    1. SCHEDULE 1



    2. SCHEDULE 2


      1. Holding of meetings (1) The council shall in every year hold an annual...

        1. Holding of meetings

          1. 1.(1) The council shall in every year hold an annual...

        2. Convening meetings

          1. 2.(1) The chairman of the council may call a meeting...

        3. Chairman of meeting

          1. 3.(1) At a meeting of the council the chairman of...

        4. Quorum

          1. 4.(1) Subject to sub-paragraph (2), no business shall be transacted...

        5. Names of councillors present to be recorded

          1. 5.The names of the councillors present at a meeting of...

        6. Person authorised by Ministry may attend meetings

          1. 6.A person authorised in writing by the Ministry in that...

        7. Decision on questions

          1. 7.(1) Subject to any statutory provision, all acts of a...

        8. Mode of voting

          1. 8.(1) The mode of voting at meetings of the council...

        9. Minutes

          1. 9.(1) Minutes of the proceedings of a meeting of a...

        10. Standing orders

          1. 10.Subject to the provisions of this Act, a council may...

        11. Vacancies, etc., not to invalidate proceedings

          1. 11.The proceedings of a council or of a committee or...

        12. Proceedings of committees

          1. 12.(1) A council appointing a committee, and councils who concur...

    3. SCHEDULE 3


      1. Members Section 18(2) of the Interpretation Act (Northern Ireland) 1954 (except,...

        1. Members

          1. 1.Section 18(2) of the Interpretation Act (Northern Ireland) 1954 (except,...

        2. Allowances

          1. 2.The Staff Commission may pay— (a) to its chairman such...

          2. 2A.The Staff Commission may make payments to its members for,...

        3. Expenses

          1. 3.Before the commencement of each financial year the Staff Commission...

          2. 4.In preparing the estimate mentioned in paragraph 3, the Staff...

          3. 5.The Staff Commission shall, with the approval of the Ministry,...

          4. 6.Any question arising in connection with an apportionment under paragraph...

          5. 7.The amount apportioned under paragraph 5 as arising from matters...

          6. [7A.The amount apportioned under paragraph 5 as arising from matters...

          7. 8.Any sum which is payable by a council [ or,...

          8. 9.The amount apportioned under paragraph 5 as other expenditure shall...

        4. Borrowing

          1. 10.The Staff Commission may borrow, by way of temporary loan...

        5. Accounts, etc., and audit

          1. 11.The Staff Commission shall keep such accounts and records as...

          2. 12.The accounts of the Staff Commission shall be audited annually...

        6. Information, reports and returns

          1. 13.The Staff Commission shall— (a) make such reports and returns,...

    4. SCHEDULE 4



        1. Interpretation

          1. 1.In this Schedule “ a Commissioner ” means a Local...

        2. Appointment

          1. 2.– (1) Section 18(2) of the Interpretation Act (Northern Ireland)...

        3. Assistant Commissioners and assessors

          1. 3.– (1) The Department may, at the request of a...

        4. Officers

          1. 4.The Department shall appoint— (a) a secretary; and

        5. Remuneration and expenses

          1. 5.The remuneration and expenses of a Commissioner, any Assistant Commissioners...


        1. Procedure for Commissioner appointed under section 50(1)(a)

          1. 6.– (1) This paragraph applies where a Commissioner is appointed...

        2. Procedure for Commissioner appointed under section 50(1)(b)

          1. 7.– (1) This paragraph applies where a Commissioner is appointed...

        3. Procedure for Commissioner appointed under section 50(4)

          1. 8.– (1) This paragraph applies where a Commissioner is appointed...

        4. Commissioner's procedure - general

          1. 9.In relation to a notice published by a Commissioner under...

          2. 10.A Commissioner may direct any hearing under this Schedule to...

          3. 11.A Commissioner may, if he thinks fit, submit interim reports...

          4. 12.Subject to paragraphs 7 to 11, a Commissioner may regulate...

          5. 13.Every document purporting to be an instrument made or issued...


        1. 14.Regard shall be had to the desirability of determining district...

        2. 15.A townland shall not, except where in the opinion of...

        3. 16.As far as practicable— (a) a district shall not be...

        4. 17.In determining the number and boundaries of wards within a...

        5. 18.(1) Subject to sub-paragraphs (2) and (3)—

        6. 19.– (1) Within any one district there shall, as far...

    5. SCHEDULE 5

      1. 1.If a council determines to repay by means of a...

      2. 2.Every sum paid to a sinking fund shall, unless applied...

      3. 3.In the case of an accumulating sinking fund, the interest...

      4. 4.(1) A council may at any time apply the whole...

      5. 5.Any surplus of a sinking fund remaining after the discharge...

      6. 6.If at any time it appears to the council that...

      7. 7.If the council desires to accelerate the repayment of any...

      8. 8.If the amount in a sinking fund, together with the...

      9. 9.If at any time the amount in a sinking fund,...

    6. SCHEDULE 6


      1. Preliminary procedure A council which proposes to acquire land otherwise than by...

        1. Preliminary procedure

          1. 1.A council which proposes to acquire land otherwise than by...

          2. 2.Notice of the application, in such form and manner as...

        2. Making of vesting order

          1. 3.(1) After the expiration of one month from the date...

          2. 4.A vesting order shall contain such provisions as the Ministry...

        3. Validity and operation of vesting orders

          1. 5.(1) The following provisions of this paragraph shall have effect...

          2. 6.(1) Subject to sub-paragraph (3), a vesting order shall operate,...

          3. 7.A vesting order, or the title created by such an...

          4. 8.Where a vesting order relates to any land forming part...

          5. 9.On and after the date of vesting the council or...

          6. 10.(1) Section 92 of the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act 1845...

        4. Reference of disputed cases to the Lands Tribunal

          1. 11.(1) As soon as a vesting order has become operative,...

          2. 12.(1) When any question of disputed compensation arises, the council...

        5. Special powers of the Lands Tribunal

          1. 13.(1) The Lands Tribunal shall have the same power of...

        6. Satisfaction of claims

          1. 14.(1) The council, on paying to any person any compensation...

          2. 15.(1) Where the compensation payable (whether the amount thereof has...

          3. 16.Any person claiming to be entitled to any money paid...

          4. 17.(1) Where the amount of compensation has been determined but...

          5. 18.(1) The council shall pay interest upon the compensation money...

        7. Payment of Ministry's costs by council

          1. 19.(1) All costs incurred by the Ministry in carrying the...

        8. Interpretation

          1. 20.(1) For the purposes of this Schedule the interest of...

    7. SCHEDULE 7


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