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(1)Where any land is damaged in the exercise of the powers of entry conferred by this Act or in the carrying out of works authorised by this Act or has diminished in value in consequence of the carrying out of those works, the undertakers exercising the power of entry or, as the case may be, carrying out the works shall pay such compensation to the persons interested in the land as may be just; and where any dispute arises as to whether compensation is payable under this section, or as to the amount of any such compensation or as to the persons to whom it is payable, the dispute shall be referred to and determined by the Lands Tribunal.

(2)Where for the purpose of assessing the amount of any compensation payable under this section the value of any land is required to be determined that value shall be determined in accordance with rules (2) to (4) of[F1 Article 6(1) of the Land Compensation (Northern Ireland) Order 1982]F1.

F11982 NI 9