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3Emergency powers to enter land and carry out works.N.I.

Where undertakers are authorised by the Ministry of Commerce under section 1 …F1 to exercise the powers set out in this section, any officer or servant of those undertakers and any person authorised in writing by those undertakers may—

(a)on production if so required of his credentials, at any time without notice, whether or not the owner or occupier of the land gives his consent and by force, if necessary, enter upon any land for the purpose of carrying out on that land any works mentioned in paragraph ( b) or cross any land with or without vehicles, machinery or other equipment for the purpose of carrying out any such works on other land;

(b)whether or not the owner or occupier of any land gives his consent, without notice and by force, if necessary, carry out on that land such works as the undertakers consider to be reasonably necessary to secure or restore the supply or distribution of gas, [F2 or electricity].

[F3Any works carried out under paragraph (b) shall be included in the definition of emergency works in Article 6 of the Street Works (Northern Ireland) Order 1995.F3]

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F31995 NI 19