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N.I.General and Supplementary

22Power of marketing boards to co-operate with boards in Great Britain for purposes of s.7 of the United Kingdom Act.N.I.

(1)Where, in pursuance of section 7 of the United Kingdom Act, a board administering a scheme in Great Britain are authorised to exercise any powers in relation to an agricultural product of Northern Ireland which as respects Northern Ireland is regulated by a corresponding scheme, then the board administering that corresponding scheme shall have power to do all such matters or things as are necessary for the purpose of enabling the first-mentioned board to exercise their powers in pursuance of the said section 7.

(2)In this section the expression “corresponding scheme” means a scheme under this Act for regulating the marketing of the same agricultural product as the product the marketing of which is regulated, as respects Great Britain, by the scheme administered by the board having powers in pursuance of the said section 7.