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S. 1 rep. by SLR 1976

2Further provisions as to the destruction of vermin.N.I.

(1)The Ministry may, after considering any recommendations made to it on behalf of a county committee of agricultureF1 or of any two or more than two of such committees acting jointly, make schemes for the destruction of vermin in, or causing damage in, any area.

(2)A schemeF2 under this section shall be subject to negative resolution.

(3)A scheme under this section may make provision for—

(a)securing or assisting the destruction of, or the reduction in the numbers of, such vermin in such lawful manner as may be specified in the scheme, including the destruction, or rendering of assistance in destroying or reducing, breeding places or cover for vermin or excluding vermin therefrom, or preventing vermin from one place spreading to or doing damage in another place;

(b)the payment, with the approval of the Ministry of Finance, of such bounties upon such dead vermin in such manner and upon such evidence as may be specified by the scheme;

(c)the carrying out by such officers, servants or agents of the Ministry (including the carrying out by county committees of agricultureF1 as such agents) of such functions under the scheme as may be specified by the scheme; and

(d)such incidental or supplemental matters as the Ministry may think proper.

Subs. (4) rep. by 1972 c. 15 (NI)

(5)For the purposes of any scheme under this section the Ministry may employ persons to act as trappers or otherwise for the killing or disposing of vermin.

Subs. (6) rep. by SLR 1976

(7)In this section “vermin” includes foxes and any species of quadruped or bird which appears to the Ministry to cause substantial damage to livestock, crops or agricultural land and to which a scheme made by the Ministry under this section is declared by the scheme to apply.

F1Abolished, SRO (NI) 1972/124

F2Schemes to be statutory rules, 1979 NI 12

S. 3 rep. by SLR 1976

S. 4 rep. by SLR 1973

5Short title.N.I.

This Act may be cited as the Agriculture (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (Northern Ireland), 1959.