Explanatory Notes

Public Health (Wales) Act 2017


3 July 2017

Commentary on Sections

Part 4.Special Procedures

Section 77 - Stop notices

152.If the local authority is aware of an individual performing a special procedure in its area without a licence, or who is carrying on a business from a premises or vehicle that has not been approved, the local authority may issue that individual with a stop notice. The aim of the stop notice is to prohibit the carrying out of the special procedure specified in the notice.

153.Breach of the stop notice is an offence (as provided by section 82(4)) and is punishable by an unlimited fine.

154.The stop notice must be provided to the person concerned and contain the information required in subsections (4) and (5). This includes the reason for the stop notice, details of the prohibition and notifying the person subject to the notice of their right to appeal against it (see section 81). The stop notice will apply anywhere in Wales and will be effective until the person obtains the relevant licence or approval.