Explanatory Notes

Local Government (Wales) Act 2015


25 November 2015

Commentary on Sections

Section 23 – Electoral regulations if no recommendations made

48.Should the Commission fail to provide a further report including recommendations within the time limit set by the Welsh Ministers in their initial direction, section 23 enables the Welsh Ministers to make regulations setting out the electoral arrangements of a proposed principal area, and any relevant consequential changes, in the absence of recommendations from the Commission. Where such circumstances arise, the Commission must provide the Welsh Ministers with any information gathered to date in respect of the initial review. The Commission would also be required to conduct its first review of the electoral arrangements for the proposed principal area, as required by section 29 of the Local Government (Democracy) (Wales) Act 2013, as soon as possible after the first ordinary election of the council for that area, and in any event before the next elections of the council for that area.

49.The Welsh Ministers may, by subsequent regulations, vary or revoke regulations made under this section.