Explanatory Notes

Higher Education (Wales) Act 2015


12 March 2015

Commentary on Sections of the Act

Part 7 – Supplementary provision about functions of HEFCW

Section 54 – Other information and advice

146.The provisions in section 54(1) are similar to the existing provisions in section 40A(4) of the Higher Education Act 2004. Under section 54(1), HEFCW are able to identify good practice relating to the promotion of equality of opportunity in connection with access to higher education and the promotion of higher education and give information and advice about such practice to the governing body of a regulated institution, or to the governing bodies of such institutions generally. In developing any information and advice for these purposes, HEFCW will be able to take into account their evaluations made under section 15 of the Act. Section 54(2) requires the governing body of a regulated institution to take any information and advice given by HEFCW under section 54(1) into account in exercising its functions.

147.Section 54(3) and (4) enables HEFCW to provide other information and advice. This could include providing information and advice to the governing body of an institution prior to that governing body making an application for approval of a fee and access plan under section 2. HEFCW might, for instance, provide information and advice regarding the requirements with which governing bodies of institutions must comply following the approval of a fee and access plan. Information and advice provided under these powers could also relate to the financial management of regulated institutions and their other functions.