Commentary on Sections and Schedules

Section 5 – Intervention by Welsh Ministers in respect of institutions within further education sector

15.This section amends section 57 of FHEA 1992 which enables the Welsh Ministers to intervene in a FEI (by making changes to the governing body or issuing directions), if they consider that the FEI is being mis-managed or otherwise failing. The amendment means the Welsh Ministers, when using their intervention powers, will be able to direct the governing body of a FEC to use its new powers to dissolve itself. If this happens, the FEC will be treated as if they had followed the publication and consultation procedures set out in section 27 of FHEA 1992 (as substituted by section 3 of the Act).

16.This section also repeals section 57A of the FHEA 1992. That section requires the Welsh Ministers to prepare, publish and keep under review a statement of their policy with respect to the exercise of their intervention powers.