SCHEDULE 7Other measures in response to coronavirus

Electronic delivery of copy of deed to Registers of Scotland

14Section 6A (writs transmitted electronically to Register of Sasines) has effect as if—

(a)in subsection (1), the words “which is an electronic document” were repealed,

(b)after subsection (5) there were inserted—

(6)For the purposes of this section, submission by electronic means of a copy of the writ is sufficient evidence of the original for the purposes of accepting an application.

(7)But subsection (6) applies only where submission of the copy is by a means (and in a form) which is specified on the Keeper’s website as being acceptable.

(8)In subsection (6), references to submission by electronic means are to submission—

(a)by means of an electronic communications network (for example as an attachment to an email),

(b)by other means but in a form which requires the use of electronic apparatus by the recipient to render the thing delivered intelligible.

(9)In subsection (8)(a), “electronic communications network” has the meaning given by section 32 of the Communications Act 2003..