PART 2Operational matters

Miscellaneous provisions

29Advisory group

(1)The Scottish Ministers must establish and maintain an advisory group to provide them with advice on the Bank’s objects, conduct and performance.

(2)The advisory group is to—

(a)be provided with sufficient resources by the Scottish Ministers to carry out its functions under this section,

(b)include at least 1 member appointed to represent the interests of trade unions.

30Exercise of power to appoint non-executive directors

(1)In appointing the Bank’s non-executive directors, the Scottish Ministers must have regard to the desirability of ensuring that the non-executive directors (as a whole) have experience or knowledge of the issues facing workers and businesses in Scotland.

(2)In considering, for the purpose of subsection (1), the particular knowledge or experience that the non-executive directors (as a whole) should have, the Scottish Ministers must consult—

(a)persons appearing to them to represent trade unions operating in Scotland, and

(b)persons appearing to them to represent businesses operating in Scotland.

31Procedure for modifying entrenched provisions

If the Bank’s articles of association provide that a provision of the articles may be amended or repealed only in accordance with this section, the provision may be amended or repealed—

(a)only by a special resolution of the Bank’s members, and

(b)only if a draft of the special resolution has been laid before, and approved by resolution of, the Scottish Parliament.