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SCHEDULE 5SCampaign rules: civil sanctions

PART 2 SDiscretionary requirements

Compliance and restoration certificatesS

10(1)Where, after the service of a notice under paragraph 7(5) imposing a non-monetary discretionary requirement on a person, the Commission are satisfied that the person has taken the steps specified in the notice, they must issue a certificate to that effect.S

(2)A notice served under paragraph 7(5) ceases to have effect on the issue of a certificate relating to that notice.

(3)A person on whom a notice under paragraph 7(5) has been served may at any time apply for a certificate and the Commission must make a decision whether to issue a certificate within the period of 28 days beginning with the day on which they receive such an application.

(4)An application under sub-paragraph (3) must be accompanied by such information as is reasonably necessary to enable the Commission to determine whether the notice has been complied with.

(5)Where, on an application under sub-paragraph (3), the Commission decide not to issue a certificate they must notify the applicant and provide the applicant with information as to—

(a)the grounds for the decision not to issue a certificate, and

(b)rights of appeal.

(6)The Commission may revoke a certificate if it was granted on the basis of inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information.

(7)Where the Commission revoke a certificate, the notice has effect as if the certificate had not been issued.

(8)A person who has applied for a certificate under sub-paragraph (3) may appeal to a sheriff against a decision not to issue a certificate under this paragraph on the ground that the decision was—

(a)based on an error of fact,

(b)wrong in law, or

(c)unfair or unreasonable.

(9)An appeal must be made within the period of 28 days beginning with the day on which notification of the decision is received.