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SCHEDULE 1SFurther provision about voting in the referendum

PART 1 SManner of voting


13(1)Where an appeal under section 56 of the 1983 Act (registration appeals) is pending when notice of the referendum is given—S

(a)the appeal does not prejudice the operation as respects the referendum of the decision appealed against, and

(b)anything done in pursuance of the decision is as good as if no such appeal had been brought and is not affected by the decision on the appeal.

(2)Where, as a result of the decision on an appeal under section 56 of the 1983 Act, an alteration in the register of local government electors is made which takes effect under section 13(5), 13A(2), 13AB(3) or 13B(3) or (3B) of the 1983 Act on or before the date of the referendum, sub-paragraph (1) does not apply to the appeal.