Part 1: Social Security Administration

Section 7: Uprating for inflation

60.Section 7(3) of the Act modifies the 2018 Act to move section 77 (which requires the Scottish Ministers by the end of each financial year to lay a report in the Scottish Parliament which lays out the inflation adjusted level of each relevant figure, explain how the figures were calculated and what the Scottish Ministers have done or intend to do in light of the calculations) to after section 86 and re-numbers it as section 86A.

61.Section 7(4) of the Act moves section 78 of the 2018 Act (which requires the Scottish Ministers to uprate specified forms of social security assistance) to after section 86A and it is re-numbered as section 86B. Section 86B is now entitled‘Duty to uprate certain types of assistance’ and specifically makes reference to uprating the Scottish Child Payment.