PART 2 SProtection of vulnerable groups

Scheme membershipS

70Participation in SchemeS

For section 45 (participation in Scheme) of the PVG Act substitute—

45Participation in Scheme

(1)An individual aged 16 or over may apply to Ministers—

(a)to join the Scheme and become a member of the Scheme (a “scheme member”), or

(b)if the individual is an existing scheme member, to renew that membership.

(2)An individual may participate in the Scheme in relation to—

(a)regulated roles with children,

(b)regulated roles with adults, or

(c)both types of regulated role.

(3)Ministers must allow an individual to participate in the Scheme in relation to a type of regulated role if the individual is—

(a)not barred from that type of regulated role, and

(b)aged 16 or over..