Explanatory Notes

Disclosure (Scotland) Act 2020

2020 asp 13

14 July 2020

Provision by Provision Commentary

Part 1: Disclosure of criminal history and other information

Level 1 disclosures

Section 2: Provision of Level 1 disclosures

11.Section 2 sets out the circumstances in which a Level 1 disclosure must be provided. For applicants aged 16 years or over, the Scottish Ministers must provide a Level 1 disclosure to anyone who makes an application. Ministers also have the power to provide a Level 1 disclosure to an applicant 12 years of age or over but under 16 years, if they consider it appropriate to do so. This might be appropriate where, for example, a fifteen year old applied for a job shortly before their sixteenth birthday and their employer requested sight of a Level 1 disclosure as a condition of employment. Subsection (3) allows Ministers to decline to provide a Level 1 disclosure if they conclude the application should have been sent to a different UK disclosure service. Subsection (4) provides that an individual can only apply for a disclosure in relation to themselves.