Ministerial powers


(1)South of Scotland Enterprise must comply with any direction issued to it by the Scottish Ministers.

(2)A direction under this section may—

(a)be general or relate to a particular function or matter,

(b)vary or revoke a direction under this section.

(3)Before issuing a direction under this section the Scottish Ministers must consult South of Scotland Enterprise about it.

(4)Having issued a direction under this section, the Scottish Ministers must publish—

(a)the direction, and

(b)their reasons for issuing it.

18Fair work direction

(1)The Scottish Ministers must issue a direction under section 17 to South of Scotland Enterprise about fair work within 1 year of this section coming into force.

(2)The direction—


(i)stipulate that South of Scotland Enterprise is to seek to promote fair work in exercising its functions,

(ii)set out what fair work means for the purposes of the direction, and

(b)may contain any other provision which the Scottish Ministers consider appropriate in relation to the promotion of fair work by South of Scotland Enterprise.

(3)Before issuing the direction, the Scottish Ministers must consult—

(a)persons who appear to the Scottish Ministers to represent the interests of those who work in the South of Scotland, and

(b)persons who appear to the Scottish Ministers to represent the interests of employers in the South of Scotland.

19Financial assistance

(1)The Scottish Ministers may provide such financial assistance to South of Scotland Enterprise as they consider appropriate.

(2)For the purposes of subsection (1), “financial assistance” includes grants, loans, guarantees and indemnities.

(3)The Scottish Ministers may attach conditions (including conditions as to repayment and the payment of interest) in respect of any financial assistance provided.