PART 2Annual Assessments etc.

16Register of Heritors

(1)The Commission must maintain a Register of Heritors containing, insofar as can be established by reasonable enquiry—

(a)the names and addresses of the heritors, and

(b)plans of the areas within the benefited land owned by each heritor.

(2)The following must be notified to the Commission as soon as practicable—

(a)a change in a heritor’s name or address,

(b)a person ceasing to be a heritor.

(3)Until notice is given under subsection (2)(b), the person who ceased to be a heritor continues to be liable for the amount payable under an assessment notice relating to the benefited land formerly owned by the person.

(4)The Commission must make the Register of Heritors available for inspection, free of charge, by any person—

(a)at the Clerk’s office during ordinary office hours,

(b)by electronic means.

(5)Where this Act requires the Commission to give notice to a heritor, the requirement is met if the Commission gives notice to the person named as such in the Register of Heritors.