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(introduced by section 1(2))


1(1)The functions of the Commission are to—S

(a)maintain, repair and renew the Pow,

(b)control fauna and flora within—

(i)the Pow,

(ii)the affected land,

(c)carry out improvements to the Pow and protective works,

in so far as the Commission considers necessary or desirable to maintain effective drainage of the benefited land.

(2)Where an improvement to the Pow involves widening, or lowering the bed of, a watercourse under a bridge, the Commission must carry out any works necessary to protect the bridge's foundations.

General powersS

2(1)The Commission may do anything which appears to the Commission—S

(a)to be necessary or expedient for the purpose of, or in connection with, the performance of its functions, or

(b)to be otherwise conducive to the performance of its functions.

(2)In particular, the Commission may—

(a)enter into contracts,

(b)borrow money.

Appointment etc. of ClerkS

3SThe Commission—

(a)must appoint a Clerk of the Commission on such terms as it thinks fit,

(b)may appoint a Commissioner as Clerk,

(c)may pay the Clerk's fees and expenses, and

(d)may replace the Clerk at any time.


4(1)The Commission may, subject to such conditions and procedures as it determines, delegate any of its functions to a committee comprising Commissioners.S

(2)Where the Commission delegates functions to a committee, a reference in this Act to the “Commission” includes, except where the context otherwise requires, reference to the committee.

Advisers and other servicesS

5SThe Commission may obtain advice, assistance or any other service from any person who, in the opinion of the Commission, is qualified to give it.

6SThe Commission may pay to that person fees and expenses.

Proceedings etc.S

7SSubject to the provisions of this Act, the Commission may regulate its own procedure.

8SThe validity of any act of the Commission is not affected by—

(a)a defect in the appointment of a Commissioner,

(b)a vacancy in the office of Commissioner.

Finances, accounts and auditS

9SThe Commission must—

(a)ensure that the resources of the Commission are used economically, efficiently and effectively,

(b)keep proper accounts and accounting records, and

(c)prepare annual accounts for each assessment year and have them audited.

10SIf requested by a heritor, the Commission must provide the heritor with a copy of the audited accounts in printed or electronic form.

11SThe Commission may charge a reasonable fee for providing a copy of the audited accounts under paragraph 10.

Execution of documentsS

12SA document is validly executed by the Commission by signature on behalf of the Commission by—

(a)two Commissioners, or

(b)one Commissioner and the Clerk.