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SCHEDULE 1SCourt orders and electronic monitoring


PART 2 SConsequential provisions

6(1)The Prisoners and Criminal Proceedings (Scotland) Act 1993 is amended as follows.S

(2)In section 12AB, subsections (3) to (7) are repealed.

7(1)The Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 is amended as follows.S

(2)These sections are repealed—

(a)section 227ZI,

(b)section 227ZK,

(c)section 245B,

(d)section 245C,

(e)section 245H.

(3)In addition—

(a)in the title of section 227ZE, the word “: rules” is added at the end,

(b)in section 234CA, in subsection (5)—

(i)for the word “Sections” there is substituted “ Section ”,

(ii)the words “, 245B and 245C” are repealed”,

(c)in the title of section 234CA, the word “remote” is repealed,

(d)in section 245A, in paragraph (a) of subsection (4), the words from “, including” to the end are repealed.

8(1)The Crime and Punishment (Scotland) Act 1997 is amended as follows.S

(2)In section 63, paragraph (a)(i) of subsection (1) is repealed.

9(1)The Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003 is amended as follows.S

(2)Section 40 is repealed.

10(1)The Custodial Sentences and Weapons (Scotland) Act 2007 is amended as follows.S

(2)Section 49 is repealed.