Explanatory Notes

Planning (Scotland) Act 2019

2019 asp 13

25 July 2019

Overview of the Act


Development planning

Section 11: Delivery programmes

76.Section 11 of the Act amends section 21 of the 1997 Act so that references to “action” are replaced with “delivery”. This is done to more accurately describe and emphasise the purpose of the document, which is to deliver the plan and achieve its outcomes, rather than its current focus of monitoring specific actions. Subsection (2)(d) introduces section 21(4A) into the 1997 Act, which places the duty to prepare the proposed delivery programme on the head of the planning authority’s paid service. Subsection (2)(d) also introduces sections 21(4B) and (4C) into the 1997 Act, which require the proposed delivery programme to be approved by the full council of the authority (without delegating that function) before it is published. Minor and consequential amendments to other sections of the 1997 Act are set out in schedule 2 of the Act.