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Fuel poverty targetsS

4Meaning of extreme fuel povertyS

(1)A household is in extreme fuel poverty if—

(a)the fuel costs necessary for the home in which members of the household live to meet the conditions set out in section 3(2) are more than 20% of the household's adjusted net income, and

(b)after deducting such fuel costs, benefits received for a care need or disability (if any) and the household's childcare costs (if any), the household's remaining adjusted net income is insufficient to maintain an acceptable standard of living for members of the household.

(2)Subsections (2) to (10) of section 3 apply in relation to the definition of extreme fuel poverty under this section as they apply in relation to the definition of fuel poverty under that section.

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I1S. 4 in force at 19.9.2019 by S.S.I. 2019/277, reg. 2