PART 2Forestry functions

CHAPTER 2Tree health and silvicultural material testing functions

9Transfer of Plant Varieties and Seeds Act 1964 functions

In section 29 of the Plant Varieties and Seeds Act 1964 (application of Part 2 to seed potatoes: silvicultural propagating and planting material), subsections (2) and (4) are repealed.

10Transfer of Plant Health Act 1967 functions

(1)The Plant Health Act 1967 is amended as follows.

(2)In section 1(2) (objects of Act and competent authorities under it)—

(a)before paragraph (a) insert—

(za)for Scotland, the Scottish Ministers,,

(b)in paragraph (a), “and Scotland” is repealed,

(c)in paragraph (a)(ii)—

(i)“for England,” is repealed,

(ii)“and, for Scotland, the Scottish Ministers” is repealed.

(3)In section 6 (publication of orders), subsection (4) is repealed.