Explanatory Notes

Islands (Scotland) Act 2018

2018 asp 12

6 July 2018

Overview of the Act


Duty to prepare national islands plan

Section 4 – Preparation and scrutiny of plan

10.This section sets out the various duties that the Scottish Ministers must adhere to for the purposes of the preparation, consultation and scrutiny of the plan.

11.Subsection (1) obliges the Scottish Ministers, when preparing the plan, to consult the local authorities listed in the schedule to the Act, persons representing the interests of island communities, and those likely to be affected by or have an interest in any proposals contained in the plan, including members of island communities and others. The distinctive characteristics of island communities must be taken into account when developing the plan (e.g. the Gaelic cultural traditions of the Hebrides and the Scandinavian heritage of Orkney and Shetland).

12.Subsection (2) requires Ministers to lay the first proposed plan before the Scottish Parliament within a year of this section coming into force, and thereafter whenever the plan is reviewed. After a period for parliamentary consideration the plan must then be finalised, as per subsection (3), and published, as per subsection (4).