Explanatory Notes

Islands (Scotland) Act 2018

2018 asp 12

6 July 2018

Overview of the Act


Section 1 – Meaning of “island” and of “inhabited island”

6.This section defines “island” and “inhabited island” for the purposes of the Act. All islands in Scotland which are enclosed by the sea fall within the definition of “island” – ignoring man-made structures such as bridges, so that the Isle of Skye, for instance, is included. The effect of subsection (1)(b) is to include tidal islands also, such as Oronsay (off Colonsay).

Section 2 – Meaning of “island community”

7.This section defines “island community” for the purposes of the Act. This has a broad meaning, which includes communities resident on a single island, communities which span a group of islands, and communities of common interest. An island community may include a group of people whose common interest, identity or geography includes uninhabited islands, so long as there are links to the natural or cultural heritage or economy of an inhabited island.