Explanatory Notes

Air Departure Tax (Scotland) Act 2017

2017 asp 2

25 July 2017

The Act

Part 4 – Payment, Collection and Management of Tax

Sections 20 to 22 (registration)

45.These sections relate to registration. Section 20 requires Revenue Scotland to keep a register (the “ADT register”) for the purpose of collecting and managing the tax. Section 20(4) gives Revenue Scotland a discretionary power to publish any, some or all of the information in the ADT register. However, this will be subject to existing restrictions on the publication of certain information (for example, under the Data Protection Act 1998).

46.Sections 21 and 22 impose obligations on taxable persons to register and deregister for the tax. Whether a taxable person is required to register (or deregister) for the tax is determined by whether the person is required (or ceases to be required) to make quarterly returns. The registration and deregistration requirements are also triggered if the taxable person forms an intention to do something, or to stop doing something, that will alter whether or not the person is required to make quarterly returns.