PART 3Meetings of commissioners

26The trustee—

(a)may call a meeting of commissioners at any time, and

(b)must call such a meeting—

(i)on being required to do so by order of the sheriff, or

(ii)on being requested to do so by AiB or by any commissioner.

27If the trustee fails to call a meeting of commissioners within 14 days after being required or requested to do so under paragraph 26, a commissioner may call a meeting of commissioners.

28The trustee must give the commissioners at least 7 days’ notice of a meeting called by the trustee unless the commissioners decide that they do not require such notice.

29The trustee is to act as clerk at a meeting of commissioners.

30If the commissioners are considering the performance of the functions of the trustee under any provision of this Act, the trustee must withdraw from the meeting if requested to do so by the commissioners and in such a case a commissioner must—

(a)act as clerk, and

(b)transmit a record of the deliberations of the commissioners to the trustee.

31The quorum at a meeting of commissioners is one commissioner and the commissioners may act by a majority of the commissioners present at the meeting.

32Any matter may be agreed by the commissioners without a meeting if such agreement—

(a)is unanimous, and

(b)is subsequently recorded in a minute signed by the commissioners.