PART 2The Scottish Land Commission

CHAPTER 1The Commission

Operational matters

16Validity of things done

The validity of anything done by the Commission is not affected by—

(a)a vacancy in membership,

(b)a defect in the appointment of a member,

(c)a person’s membership having ended under section 13.


(1)The Commission may establish committees for any purpose relating to—

(a)its functions,

(b)the functions of the Land Commissioners,

(c)the functions of the Tenant Farming Commissioner.

(2)The Commission may authorise any committee to exercise such of its functions, and to such extent, as it may determine.

(3)Nothing in subsection (2) affects the responsibility of the Commission for the exercise of its functions.

(4)The Commission may appoint a person who is not a member of the Commission to be a member of a committee.

(5)The Commission may pay to a person who is not a member of the Commission and who is appointed to a committee—

(a)such remuneration as the Commission may, with the approval of the Scottish Ministers, determine, and

(b)such allowances in respect of expenses properly incurred in the exercise of the functions of the Commission, of the Land Commissioners or of the Tenant Farming Commissioner as may be so determined.

(6)A committee must comply with any directions given to it by the Commission.

18Regulation of procedure

(1)The Commission must establish and maintain a register of interests.

(2)Otherwise, the Commission may regulate its own procedure and those of its committees, including the quorum at any meeting.