23Regulation of procedure

The Commission may regulate its own procedure (including quorum).

24Validity of things done

The validity of anything done by the Commission is not affected by—

(a)a vacancy in membership,

(b)a defect in the appointment of a member,

(c)disqualification of a person as a member after appointment.


(1)The Commission may establish committees.

(2)The membership of a committee may include (but may not consist entirely of) persons who are not members of the Commission but those persons are not entitled to vote at meetings.

(3)The Commission may pay each person mentioned in subsection (2) such remuneration and allowances as it may, with the approval of the Scottish Ministers, determine.

26Authority to perform functions

(1)The Commission may authorise—

(a)any of its members,

(b)any committee established by it,

(c)any member of its staff,

(d)any other person,

to perform such of its functions (to such extent) as it may determine.

(2)The giving of authority under subsection (1) to perform a function does not—

(a)affect the Commission’s responsibility for the performance of the function,

(b)prevent the Commission from performing the function itself.

27General powers

The Commission may do anything that appears to it—

(a)to be necessary or expedient for the purpose of, or in connection with, the performance of its functions,

(b)to be otherwise conducive to the performance of its functions.