10Locality plan

(1)Each community planning partnership must prepare and publish a locality plan for each locality identified by it by virtue of section 9(3).

(2)A community planning partnership may prepare and publish a locality plan for any other locality within the area of the local authority for which it is carrying out community planning.

(3)A locality plan is a plan setting out for the purposes of the locality to which the plan relates—

(a)local outcomes to which priority is to be given by the community planning partnership with a view to improving the achievement of the outcomes in the locality,

(b)a description of the proposed improvement in the achievement of the outcomes, and

(c)the period within which the proposed improvement is to be achieved.

(4)In preparing a locality plan, a community planning partnership must consult—

(a)such community bodies as it considers appropriate, and

(b)such other persons as it considers appropriate.

(5)Before publishing a locality plan, the community planning partnership must take account of—

(a)any representations received by it by virtue of subsection (4), and

(b)the needs and circumstances of persons residing in the locality to which the plan relates.