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12Police permitsS

(1)The chief constable may, on the application of an individual, grant a permit (“a police permit”) authorising the individual—

(a)to possess or acquire an air weapon without holding an air weapon certificate, or

(b)to sell (or expose for sale) an air weapon in the course of that individual's business.

(2)A police permit must not be granted to an individual who is prohibited from possessing an air weapon or other firearm under section 21 of the 1968 Act.

(3)A police permit expires (unless earlier revoked or cancelled) on the expiry date specified in the permit.

(4)An application for a police permit is valid only if it complies with the requirements of any regulations under section 36 which apply to the application.

Commencement Information

I1S. 12 in force at 1.7.2016 for specified purposes by S.S.I. 2016/130, art. 2, sch. (with arts. 5, 6)

I2S. 12 in force at 31.12.2016 in so far as not already in force by S.S.I. 2016/130, art. 3(a) (with art. 4)