SCHEDULE 4Corporate parents

(introduced by section 56)

1The Scottish Ministers

2A local authority

3The National Convener of Children’s Hearings Scotland

4Children’s Hearings Scotland

5The Principal Reporter

6The Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration

7A health board

8A board constituted under section 2(1)(b) of the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978

9Healthcare Improvement Scotland

10The Scottish Qualifications Authority

11Skills Development Scotland Co. Ltd (registered number SC 202659)

12Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland

13The Scottish Social Services Council

14The Scottish Sports Council

15The chief constable of the Police Service of Scotland

16The Scottish Police Authority

17The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

18The Scottish Legal Aid Board

19The Commissioner for Children and Young People in Scotland

20The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland

21The Scottish Housing Regulator

22Bòrd na Gàidhlig

23Creative Scotland

24A body which is a “post-16 education body” for the purposes of the Further and Higher Education (Scotland) Act 2005