Explanatory Notes

Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014

2014 asp 8

27 March 2014

Commentary on Sections

Part 9 – Corporate Parenting

Section 57 – Application of Part: children and young people

139.The children and young people in relation to whom corporate parenting responsibilities apply are set out in this section. They are children who are looked after by a local authority in accordance with section 17(6) of the 1995 Act and young people who are under 26 and were, on their 16th birthday, or at any subsequent time, but are no longer, looked after by a local authority. This Part also applies to a young person who is at least the age of 16 but under 26 and is not of the description in subsection (1)(b)(ii) but is of other such description of formerly looked after person as the Scottish Ministers may specify by order. Such an order is subject to affirmative procedure by virtue of section 99(2).