6Emergency arrangements

(1)This section applies if, at the beginning of financial year 2015/16, there is no overall cash authorisation for that year for the purposes of section 4(2) of the PFA Act 2000.

(2)Until there is in force a Budget Act providing such authorisation, there is to be taken to be an overall cash authorisation for each calendar month of that year in relation to each of—

(a)the Scottish Administration,

(b)the direct-funded bodies,

of an amount determined under subsection (3).

(3)That amount is whichever is the greater of—

(a)one-twelfth of the amount specified in section 4(2) or (3) in relation to the Scottish Administration or (as the case may be) the direct-funded body in question,

(b)the amount paid out of the Scottish Consolidated Fund under section 65(1)(c) of the Scotland Act 1998 in the corresponding calendar month of financial year 2014/15 for or in connection with expenditure of the Scottish Administration or (as the case may be) that direct-funded body.

(4)Section 4 of the PFA Act 2000 has effect accordingly.

(5)This section is subject to any provision made by a Budget Act for financial year 2015/16.