Explanatory Notes

Revenue Scotland and Tax Powers Act 2014

2014 asp 16

24 September 2014

The Act

Part 5 – the General Anti-Avoidance Rule

Counteracting tax advantages

Section 66 – Counteracting tax advantages

92.This section provides Revenue Scotland with the power to adjust the tax liability of a taxpayer who would otherwise benefit from a tax advantage in relation to the devolved taxes arising from an artificial tax avoidance arrangement. Subsection (1) provides that Revenue Scotland may make any adjustments that it considers to be just and reasonable in order to counteract such a tax advantage. Subsection (2) makes clear that these adjustments may be made in respect of the tax in relation to which a tax advantage has been gained, or in respect of any other tax.

93.Subsection (3) makes clear that the adjustments made to counteract a tax liability include adjustments that impose or increase a tax liability, and that tax is to be charged in accordance with the adjustment. Subsection (4) provides that the adjustment made to counteract a tax advantage may take the form of a tax assessment, a modification to an existing assessment, an amendment, or the disallowance of a claim (for a relief or reduction in tax) amongst other things.

94.Subsection (5) requires that in counteracting a tax advantage Revenue Scotland is obliged to adhere to the procedures and steps set out in later sections in this Part of the Act.

95.Subsection (6) provides that the power to make adjustments is subject to any time limit set out in Part 6 or any other enactment.