Part 3Specific duties

Contracts register

35Contracts register

(1)A contracting authority must keep and maintain a register of contracts (a “contracts register”).

(2)The contracts that must be registered are any contracts entered into as a result of a regulated procurement.

(3)In relation to each contract, a contracts register must contain the following information—

(a)the date of award,

(b)the name of the contractor,

(c)the subject matter,

(d)the estimated value,

(e)the start date,

(f)the end date provided for in the contract (disregarding any option to extend the contract) or, where there is no date specified, a description of the circumstances in which the contract will end,

(g)the duration of any period for which the contract can be extended.

(4)The authority may delete an entry in its contracts register only after the contract to which it relates has expired or been terminated.

(5)The authority must make the information contained in its contracts register publicly available on the internet and by such other means as it considers appropriate.

(6)However, the authority may withhold an entry or part of an entry in the register if it considers that making it publicly available would—

(a)impede law enforcement or otherwise be contrary to the public interest,

(b)prejudice the commercial interests of any person, or

(c)prejudice fair competition between economic operators.