SCHEDULE 8Conduct and fitness etc.

PART 2Fitness and removal

Composition and remuneration

15(1)A fitness assessment tribunal is to consist of—

(a)one person who is, or has been—

(i)a judge of the Court of Session (except a temporary judge), or

(ii)a sheriff (except a part-time sheriff),

(b)one person who is—

(i)where the member under investigation is an ordinary member, another ordinary member, or

(ii)where the member under investigation is a legal member, another legal member, and

(c)one person who does not fall (and has never fallen) within a category of person who may be a member of the tribunal by virtue of sub-paragraph (a) or (b).

(2)The selection of persons to be members of the tribunal is to be made by the First Minister with the agreement of the Lord President.