PART 2Organisational arrangements

CHAPTER 2Internal structure

Structure of First-tier Tribunal

20Chambers in the Tribunal

(1)The First-tier Tribunal is to be organised into a number of chambers, having regard to—

(a)the different subject-matters falling within the Tribunal’s jurisdiction, and

(b)any other factors relevant in relation to the exercise of the Tribunal’s functions.

(2)Accordingly, the Scottish Ministers may by regulations make provision for and in connection with—

(a)the organisation of the Tribunal as required by subsection (1),

(b)the allocation of the Tribunal’s functions between the chambers.

21Chamber Presidents

(1)Each chamber of the First-tier Tribunal is to have—

(a)a single Chamber President to preside over the chamber, or

(b)two Chamber Presidents to preside over the chamber.

(2)A Chamber President may not preside over more than one chamber of the Tribunal at the same time.

(3)In this Act—

(a)a reference to a Chamber President in the First-tier Tribunal is to a Chamber President of a chamber of the Tribunal,

(b)where a chamber of the Tribunal has two Chamber Presidents, a reference to a Chamber President of such a chamber is to either or both of them (as the context requires).

22Appointment to post

(1)It is for the Scottish Ministers to make an appointment of a Chamber President to that position.

(2)Before making an appointment under subsection (1), the Scottish Ministers must consult the Lord President (including as to the person to be appointed).

(3)A person is eligible for appointment under subsection (1) only if the person is—

(a)a legal member of the Upper Tribunal, or

(b)if not falling within paragraph (a), eligible to be appointed as such a member of the Tribunal (whether or not already any type of member of the First-tier or Upper Tribunal).

(4)An appointment made under subsection (1) is for the Chamber President to preside over a particular chamber of the Tribunal.