Explanatory Notes

Tribunals (Scotland) Act 2014

2014 asp 10

15 April 2014

Commentary on Sections

Part 4 – More About Membership Etc.

Appointment and assignment

Schedule 5 – Appointment to Upper Tribunal

Schedule Part 1 – Ordinary members

105.Section 32(3) introduces schedule 5 which makes provision as to the eligibility and appointment of ordinary and legal members of the Upper Tribunal.

106.Paragraphs 1 and 2 of schedule 5 provide that it is for the Scottish Ministers to appoint a person as an ordinary member of the Upper Tribunal. A person may only be appointed as such, if the person has the qualifications, experience and training which are prescribed by the Scottish Ministers in regulations made under paragraph 1(2). The effect of this provision will be to allow the Scottish Ministers to prescribe a wide range of criteria by which a person will qualify to be appointed as an ordinary member. Regulations made under section 40(1) providing for the composition of the Upper Tribunal when convened to exercise its decision-making functions may also make reference to these criteria. See the commentary on that section.