Regional boards

12Regional boards: mismanagement

After section 23P of the 2005 Act, inserted by section 11(1), insert—

23QMismanagement by regional boards

(1)This section applies where it appears to the Scottish Ministers that a regional board—

(a)has committed or is committing—

(i)a serious breach of any term or condition of a grant made to it under section 12(1)(c); or

(ii)repeated breaches of such terms or conditions;

(b)has failed or is failing—

(i)properly to discharge its responsibility for administering the funds made available to it under that section in respect of its colleges; or

(ii)to discharge any of its duties properly; or

(c)has mismanaged, or is mismanaging, its financial or other affairs.

(2)Where this section applies, the Scottish Ministers may by order—

(a)remove any or all of the members of the regional board; and

(b)where a removed member was appointed under paragraph 3(2)(a) or (f) of schedule 2B, appoint another person in place of the removed member.

(3)Before making an order under subsection (2)(a), the Scottish Ministers must consult the Council.

(4)The Scottish Ministers must give notice of exercise of the power of removal conferred by subsection (2)(a) to the board and the member.

(5)An appointment made under subsection (2)(b) has effect as if made under the provision of paragraph 3 of schedule 2B under which the removed member was appointed..