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PART 1 SPolice reform

CHAPTER 12SCo-operation, exchange of information etc.

84Police informationS

(1)The Authority must provide the Scottish Ministers with such reports, statistics or other information relating to the Authority or the Police Service as they may reasonably require.

(2)Such information may, in particular, relate to—

(a)the Authority or its functions,

(b)the Police Service or police functions,

(c)the state of crime.

(3)The chief constable must provide the Authority with such reports, statistics or other information relating to the Police Service, police functions or the state of crime as it may reasonably require.

(4)The chief constable may refer a requirement made under subsection (3) to the Scottish Ministers if the chief constable considers that complying with the requirement would or might prejudice—

(a)the carrying out of any operation by the Police Service, or

(b)the prosecution of offenders.

(5)A requirement referred under subsection (4) has effect only if it is confirmed by the Scottish Ministers.

(6)The chief constable must provide the Lord Justice General or a sheriff principal with such reports relating to policing as may be reasonably required.

(7)A requirement by the sheriff principal may relate only to the policing of places in which the sheriff principal has jurisdiction.

(8)The chief constable must seek to ensure that sufficient information about the state of crime is kept to enable the compliance with any requirement made under this section for the provision of information in that regard.

(9)The clerk of any court having criminal jurisdiction must comply with any requirement made by the chief constable to provide any information available to the clerk which the chief constable may require for the purposes of subsection (8).

(10)Nothing in this section requires anyone to provide any report, statistic or other information before the earliest time at which it is reasonable for that person to do so.

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

Commencement Information

I1S. 84 partly in force; s. 84(1)(2)(a)(10) in force at 8.8.2012 see s. 129(1)(a)

I2S. 84(2)(b)(c)(3)-(9) in force at 1.4.2013 by S.S.I. 2013/51, art. 2