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SCHEDULE 4SPeriod before establishment of Police Service

(introduced by section 98(4))

1SThis schedule applies during the period before the day on which the Police Service is established (being the day appointed under section 129(2) for the coming into force of section 6).

2SAn appointment under section 7 has effect only where the individual has made the declaration set out in section 10 before a sheriff or justice of the peace.

3SAn individual appointed under section 7—

(a)holds the office of constable,

(b)is to hold and vacate office on such terms and conditions as the Scottish Ministers may determine,

(c)has power to do anything that the individual considers appropriate in anticipation of—

(i)the establishment of the Police Service, or

(ii)the coming into force of any provision of this Act, and

(d)in the case of the chief constable, is accountable to the Authority.

4SSections 18, 19, 21(1) and (2), 22 and 23 apply in relation to an individual who is so appointed as if those sections were in force.

5SDespite paragraph 2(1) of schedule 1, the Authority may consist of—

(a)the chairing member, or

(b)the chairing member and fewer than 10 other members.

6SIt is for the Authority to hold the chief constable to account for the performance of senior officers' functions.

7SThe Authority may—

(a)pay remuneration and allowances to, and reimburse expenses reasonably incurred by, senior officers, and

(b)provide and maintain anything necessary or desirable in connection with the functions of senior officers.

8SThe reference in section 4(1) to the Authority's functions includes a reference to any functions which the Authority anticipates having by virtue of the coming into force of any provision of this Act.