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Part 1 SThe Land Register

Title sheets and the title sheet recordS

10What is entered or incorporated by reference in a title sheetS

(1)The Keeper must, in addition to what is to be entered under sections 6 to 9, enter the matters mentioned in subsection (2) in a title sheet.

(2)The matters are—

(a)any statement made by virtue of any of subsections (3) and (4)(b) of section 75 or subsection (5)(a) of section 76,

(b)particulars of any special destination,

(c)a reference to an entry in the Register of Inhibitions made under section 32(2),

(d)the terms of any caveat, warrant for which is granted under section 67(3), and

(e)such other information (if any) as the Keeper considers appropriate.

(3)The Keeper may incorporate by reference in a title sheet—

(a)a document in the archive record, or

(b)a deed in any other register under the management and control of the Keeper or of the Keeper of the Records of Scotland.

(4)The Keeper must not enter or incorporate by reference in a title sheet any rights or obligations except in so far as their entry is authorised by an enactment.

(5)The entry or incorporation by reference in a title sheet of any right or obligation, in so far as not so authorised—

(a)does not constitute notice of that right or obligation, and

(b)is without any other effect.

(6)Subsection (2)(b) is subject to section 18(3)(c) and to paragraph 8(c) of schedule 1.

Commencement Information

I1S. 10 in force at 8.12.2014 by S.S.I. 2014/127, art. 2