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Part 2 SRegistration

General provision about applicationsS

33Recording in application recordS

(1)On receipt of an application for registration, the Keeper must—

(a)as soon as reasonably practicable, or

(b)if the application record is not open for the making of entries, as soon as reasonably practicable on the application record next opening for that purpose,

enter in the application record details of the application (including the date the entry under this subsection is made).

(2)No such entry need be made however if, on receipt of the application, it is immediately apparent to the Keeper that the application falls to be rejected.

(3)On an application being—


(b)accepted by the Keeper, or

(c)rejected by the Keeper,

the Keeper must remove the entry relating to it from the application record.

Commencement Information

I1S. 33 in force at 8.12.2014 by S.S.I. 2014/127, art. 2

34Withdrawal and amendments etc. of applicationS

(1)While an application for registration is pending, the applicant—

(a)may withdraw it, but

(b)except with the consent of the Keeper, may not substitute it or amend it.

(2)Land register rules may specify circumstances in which consent under subsection (1)(b) must be given.

Commencement Information

I2S. 34 in force at 8.12.2014 by S.S.I. 2014/127, art. 2

35Period within which decision must be madeS

(1)The Keeper's decision as to whether to accept or reject an application for registration must be made within such period as may be prescribed in land register rules.

(2)Different periods may be so prescribed for different kinds of application.

(3)The Keeper must deal with an application without unreasonable delay.

Commencement Information

I3S. 35 in force at 8.12.2014 by S.S.I. 2014/127, art. 2