Part 2Registration

Date of application and registration etc.

36Date of application

Any reference in this Act, however expressed, to the date of an application for registration is a reference to the date an entry in respect of the application is made in the application record under subsection (1) of section 33 (or, but for subsection (2) of that section, would fall to be made).

37Date and time of registration

(1)Where the Keeper accepts an application for registration, the date of registration is the date of the application.

(2)The time of registration is deemed to be the moment at which, following the application being received by the Keeper, the application record next closes.

(3)The Scottish Ministers may by order—

(a)amend subsection (2) so as to make different provision as regards time of registration, and

(b)make such other amendments to this Act as are consequential upon that amendment.

(4)Before making such an order, the Scottish Ministers must consult the Keeper.

38Power to amend section 6 of the Land Registers (Scotland) Act 1868

If, under section 37(3)(a), the Scottish Ministers amend this Act, they may, in that order, correspondingly amend section 6 of the Land Registers (Scotland) Act 1868 (c.64) (which provides for registration in the General Register of Sasines) and make such other amendments to that Act as are consequential upon that amendment to that section.