Part 1The Land Register

The cadastral map

11The cadastral map

(1)The cadastral map is a map—

(a)showing the totality of registered geospatial data (other than supplementary data in individual title sheets),

(b)showing for each cadastral unit—

(i)the cadastral unit number,

(ii)the boundaries of the unit, and

(iii)the title number of any registered lease relating to the unit, and

(c)otherwise depicting registered rights in such manner as the Keeper considers appropriate.

(2)A cadastral unit which represents a separate tenement must be shown on the map in such a way as will distinguish it as a cadastral unit from other units.

(3)The cadastral map may (but need not) show the boundaries of cadastral units on the vertical plane.

(4)The cadastral map may contain such other information as the Keeper considers appropriate.

(5)The cadastral map must be based upon the base map.

(6)The base map is—

(a)the Ordnance Map,

(b)another system of mapping, being a system which accords with such requirements as the Scottish Ministers may, by order, prescribe, or

(c)a combination of the Ordnance map and such other system.

(7)On the base map being updated, the Keeper must make any changes to the register which are necessary in consequence of the updating.

(8)For the purposes of subsection (1)(a), the Keeper may determine what data is supplementary data.

(9)This section and sections 12 and 13 are without prejudice to section 16.

12Cadastral units

(1)A cadastral unit is a unit which represents a single registered plot of land.

(2)Subject to subsection (3), the same area of land cannot be represented by more than one cadastral unit.

(3)The Keeper need not represent a plot of land such as is mentioned in section 3(7) as a separate cadastral unit but may instead include it in the cadastral unit representing the plot or plots of land of which it is a pertinent.

(4)The Keeper must assign a cadastral unit number to each cadastral unit.

(5)The cadastral unit number is to be the title number of the plot of land which that unit represents.

13The cadastral map: further provision

(1)Where a plot of land—

(a)lies wholly outwith the base map, or

(b)extends partly outwith the base map,

the Keeper may adopt such means of representing the boundaries on the cadastral map as the Keeper considers appropriate.

(2)The Keeper may—

(a)combine cadastral units,

(b)remove a cadastral unit from the map, or

(c)divide a cadastral unit.

(3)On dividing a cadastral unit under subsection (2)(c), the Keeper may combine any of the resultant parts with a different cadastral unit.

(4)The Keeper must make such changes to the register as are necessary in consequence of anything done under subsections (2) and (3).