Explanatory Notes

Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012

2012 asp 5

10 July 2012

Commentary on Sections

Part 2: Registration

Applications for registration

Section 26: Conditions of registration: deeds relating to registered plots

95.This section provides special provisions for applications relating to plots of land already registered in the Land Register. The main types of such application are a transfer of the whole of a plot (commonly known as a “dealing with whole”), a transfer of part of a plot (known as a “transfer of part”) and the registration of a standard security. Transfers of part are most commonly associated with new-build developments. This section applies to all deeds that relate to registered plots of land.

96.Subsection (1)(d) provides a special rule for transfers of part, that the part of the plot which is being transferred has to be sufficiently described to allow the Keeper accurately to map the boundaries of the new plot in the cadastral map. Subsection (3) provides that this mapping rule does not apply to tenements mapped as a site of single extent under section 16. Subsection (4) provides, however, that exclusive pertinents of plots do still need to be mapped. This is the same arrangement as in section 23 for first registration.