Joint arrangements etc. between NLS and the Faculty

6NLS and the Faculty: joint arrangements etc.

(1)NLS and the Faculty must enter into arrangements about—

(a)co-operation between NLS and the Faculty in relation to––

(i)NLS’s collections,

(ii)the Faculty’s collections of legal publications,

(b)the consultation of objects in NLS’s collections by members of the Faculty,

(c)the consultation of objects in the Faculty’s collections of legal publications by users of NLS’s collections,

(d)the preservation and conservation of legal publications,

(e)the legal publications which are electronic publications which NLS is to request, and

(f)how legal publications which are on line electronic publications are to be made available by NLS to the Faculty.

(2)Arrangements under subsection (1) may contain provision about charging.

(3)Any question as to what are law books, legal manuscripts and papers, pictures or articles of furniture belonging to the Faculty for the purposes of section 3(1) of the 1925 Act is to continue to be determined by the Keeper of the Advocates’ Library despite the repeal of that section by section 10(5) and schedule 3.