Directions and guidance

8Directions and guidance

(1)The Scottish Ministers may give NLS directions (of a general or specific nature) as to the exercise of its functions.

(2)But the Scottish Ministers may not give NLS directions so far as relating to—

(a)NLS’s functions under section 2(2)(a) to (c) or (3)(a), (b) or (d) or sections 3 to 7,

(b)NLS’s functions under or by virtue of the 2003 Act.

(3)NLS must—

(a)comply with any directions given to it by the Scottish Ministers under this section,

(b)have regard to any guidance issued by the Scottish Ministers in relation to the exercise of its functions.

(4)A direction under this section is to be given in writing.

(5)The Scottish Ministers may vary or revoke any direction given under this section.