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Part 1 SReservoirs

Chapter 7SOther requirements: controlled reservoirs

56Maintenance of recordsS

(1)The reservoir manager of a controlled reservoir must maintain a record of relevant documents.

(2)The record must include all of the relevant documents.

(3)Where the reservoir is a low-risk reservoir, the record must in addition contain information about repairs to the reservoir in such form as the Scottish Ministers may require by regulations.

(4)The relevant documents are—

(a)any of the following which is given to the reservoir manager (or copied to the manager pursuant to section 68)—

(i)a safety report, safety measure certificate, preliminary certificate, construction certificate or final certificate,

(ii)an inspection report, interim inspection compliance certificate or inspection compliance certificate,

(iii)a notice under section 50(2)(a) or (g), recommendation under section 50(3) or statement under section 50(8) (by a supervising engineer),

(b)any drawings and descriptions of works annexed to construction certificates given in respect of the reservoir under the 1975 Act, drawings and descriptions annexed to certificates given under the Reservoirs (Safety Provisions) Act 1930 (c.51), charts, graphs and plans, and

(c)any flood plan produced in respect of the reservoir in pursuance of regulations made under section 55.

Commencement Information

I1S. 56(3) in force at 1.1.2015 for specified purposes by S.S.I. 2014/348, art. 2, Sch.